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Chemistrie by Eyenavision

Chemistrie Clip Ons: A High-Quality Sunglass Alternative

In our in-house laboratory, we craft patented chemistrie magnetic clip ons  featuring an ultra-thin pair of lenses that clip directly onto your favorite pair of eyeglasses. Small magnets are installed right into your prescription lenses, and each clip is custom-made to fit almost any frame shape and prescription. You can also customize your Chemistrie clip-on, including the magnets, bridge, and even pick out unique crystal colors.

After selecting your brand-new pair of eyeglasses near you, simply add a new Chemistrie clip for an affordable, stylish, and versatile way to transform your glasses. 

Chemistrie sunglasses

You can easily attach Chemistrie clips to your favorite designer frames. Here are some different options the brand offers to provide you with the best functionality for eyewear near you:

  • Chemistrie Blue: These clips are designed to provide your eyes with blue-light protection that reduces eye strain often caused by looking at computer screens, tablets, and smartphones, making them ideal for an office environment.
  • Chemistrie Sun: If you’re looking for the ultimate UV protection for your eyes, this clip offers completely polarized sun protection ready to help you tackle all of your favorite outdoor activities.
  • Chemistrie+: If you have difficulty seeing small writing and print, these reader lenses are optimized to make your vision clearer.

Chemistrie Clips

Key Features of Chemistrie Clips

  • Magnetic Attachment: The clip-ons use small magnets that are either embedded into the lenses of the glasses. This allows the clip-ons to snap onto the front of the glasses seamlessly and securely.
  • Customization: Chemistrie clip-ons are custom-made to fit the specific shape and size of the wearer's eyeglass lenses. This ensures a perfect fit and maintains the original style of the eyewear.
  • Variety of Lenses: The clip-ons come in various lens options, including polarized lenses for sun protection, blue light filtering lenses for reducing eye strain from screens, and even lenses for specific activities like golfing or driving.
  • Lightweight and Convenient: These clip-ons are designed to be lightweight and easy to attach or remove, making them a convenient alternative to having a separate pair of prescription sunglasses.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Since they are custom-made, Chemistrie clip-ons blend in well with the original eyewear, maintaining the aesthetic appeal and avoiding the bulky look that some universal clip-ons can have.
  • Prescription Compatibility: They are compatible with most prescription glasses, making them a versatile accessory for those who need corrective lenses.

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