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Kliik by West Group

Your eyesight is a beautiful gift, and taking care of your eyes is an essential part of ensuring you stay healthy. If you've been experiencing vision issues and your eye doctor recommends glasses, it's natural to care about how your glasses will look on you. If you live near Annapolis and are searching for high-quality upscale eyewear and an optician nearby, our team invites you to visit us at McNelly Optical. Our staff will assist you in selecting the right glasses for you. When you visit us, we’ll ensure that your glasses not only meet your prescription needs but also complement your facial features.

Find the Right Eyeglass Frames

Shopping for eyeglasses may seem daunting as it involves choosing a style that enhances your appearance while addressing your visual needs. Our optician can showcase various styles and colors that enhance your facial contours. Our staff will also ensure that your prescription is accurately filled and that the lenses fit comfortably into the frames of your choice.

When choosing your frames, if maintaining a professional image is important to you, it will be crucial to select glasses that align with that image. If you prefer classic, sleek designs with a Scandinavian flair, Kliik eyewear designer frames are crafted with that aesthetic in mind - particularly for clients requiring smaller eyewear sizes. Kliik styles feature minimalist designs with vibrant colors and precision-cut frames.

A Full Range of Eyewear Choices

The extensive range of Kliik frame shapes offers our clients ample options for high-end eyeglass frames tailored to smaller eye sizes. Kliik emphasizes bold colors with contemporary patterns to exhibit a unique flair while maintaining a sophisticated profile. You will be pleased to discover that their upscale quality and array of options are also available in prescription sunglasses.

Kliik frames strategically accentuate the beauty of your eyes while complementing your facial structure. Kliik’s designs are featured in glasses produced by Westgroupe - an international company dedicated to innovative eyewear designs. Westgroupe’s mission includes identifying companies that offer diverse choices to help shape the future of eyewear in your area.

Kliik by West Group

Come In to Shop for Glasses Today

Your eyeglasses play a significant role in defining the version of yourself you present to the world. Annapolis residents will find our knowledgeable and friendly staff at McNelly Optical ready to offer helpful guidance and a diverse selection of eyeglasses near you. Call or visit us today to find the glasses that will enhance both your appearance and vision.

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