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McNelly Optical Co FAQs

Learn More About McNelly Optical Co

Have an eyewear-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.

A professional optician is a specialist who has invested thousands of hours into education and training. This training is specific and necessary for fully understanding your eyewear needs. Come visit our eyeglass store in Annapolis, MD. Our professional opticians will make recommendations for selecting and fitting your eyewear. We will fill your lens prescription based on skill and expertise, not guesswork. 

At both of our conveniently located stores, we have an extensive selection of quality and stylish frames that have been carefully selected from a variety of vendors from around the world. 

We also utilize the newest computerized technology to measure and produce lenses that offer superior clarity. 

Most importantly, the expertise and experience of our highly skilled professional opticians in Annapolis, MD sets us apart from all of the other optical stores in the area.  We've been helping folks see the world more clearly since 1929.

Walk-ins are always welcome at both of our stores, but appointments are generally recommended to ensure that we're able to service your eyewear needs in a timely fashion. If you choose to visit without an appointment, we'll do our best to help you while still prioritizing our scheduled appointments. Call our eyeglass store in Annapolis, MD to make an appointment today! 

Yes, challenging prescriptions are our forte. Unlike big box store optical providers, we are able to fill ALL prescriptions, not just the easy ones.

We offer a variety of high-index lens materials and special coatings used to improve the appearance and functionality of your glasses.

We also have an extensive collection of frame styles appropriate to the special needs of stronger lenses. Many eye doctors in the area refer their more challenging patients to us for these reasons. Our top opticians in Annapolis, MD are happy to take on your strong prescription.

When customers have difficulty seeing with their glasses, it's often because they are measured or styled incorrectly. This results in a lens that doesn’t function the way it should.

Our opticians in Annapolis, MD will work closely with you to select a lens design tailored to your lifestyle. We will ensure that the frame and fit are correct so that you can finally love your progressive lenses. 

We have a 90-day window to address any changes or improvements that may need to be made so that you are fully satisfied with your new glasses.

We handcraft most eyeglasses in our finishing lab in West Annapolis within seven to ten days. If there are extraordinary circumstances, we are happy to expedite the process as necessary to accommodate you. Questions? Reach out to our opticians in Annapolis, MD today.

Yes, all prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are covered under FSA guidelines. These funds generally expire at the end of each calendar year so be sure to come in to see one of our professional opticians in Annapolis, MD and use your FSA dollars ASAP!

While we don't accept direct payments, we work with all insurances on an out-of-network basis. We're happy to complete your insurance forms and provide a detailed receipt with insurance codes for you to submit for reimbursement to your insurance company.

Most insurance companies will reimburse you by sending a check within 30 days for the portion that they will cover. This enables you to select exactly what you want without the restrictions frequently imposed by most Vision Care Plans. It also guarantees that our opticians will craft your eyeglasses personally, rather than sending your order out to the insurance lab.

Looking for eyeglasses in Annapolis, MD? Come into McNelly Optical today!

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