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LuLu Guinness

Lulu Guinness Frames

Your eyesight is valuable, and caring for your eyes is a vital part of keeping yourself healthy. Many people need help with their eyesight, and if an eye doctor determines you need glasses, you need to find the best pair of glasses to fit your life. If you live in the Annapolis area and you’re looking for designer frames at an eyeglass store near you, our team invites you to visit us at McNelly Optical. Our optician will help you select the proper frames and ensure your glasses follow your prescription.

lulu guinnes

Choose Lulu Guinness Glasses

Your glasses will be part of your fashion statement, so you’ll want them to be just right. If you’re looking for high-quality upscale eyewear with distinctive patterns and bold style, Lulu Guinness may be just what you’re looking for. Lulu’s styles have won worldwide acclaim from fashion experts.

In 1989, Lulu Guinness first began designing the line that bears her name. Lulu’s creativity was sparked by her determination to create a stylish briefcase for women. Spurred on by the popularity of her creation, Lulu next devised vintage gift bags, and her line then began expanding to other accessories - including high-end eyeglass frames. Lulu’s accessories became famous across London and then spread to major Asian markets.

Lulu Guinness Style Point of View

Lulu had no formal design training, but many believe this may be the key to her unique and edgy point of view. Icons of the fashion world are now wearing Lulu’s fashion accessories, and they continue to express her personal belief in uniquely expressing each woman’s style. Lulu’s eyeglasses all display her many interpretations of a trademark “cat’s eye” pattern, and some are patterned after Lulu’s red-lipsticked lips. Her frames display her unique blend of sophistication and mischief.

The colors of these glasses range from gray and black to every other possible color. Lulu’s glasses are available in either metal or plastic frames, although those who also choose to carry matching Lulu Guinness handbags have reported that the plastic frames match the handbag colors better. According to the Eyeglasses newsletter, Lulu Guinness's eyeglass frames have become known for styles that double as a visual aid and a personal work of art.

Come In to Shop for Glasses Today

Finding the right eyeglass frames for you can be a fashion adventure. Even if you want a more traditional frame, you’ll want to see a trustworthy staff to help you select eyewear near you. Residents of Annapolis will find a trained and welcoming staff at McNelly Optical. Give us a call or drop by to see us today to get the glasses you genuinely deserve.

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